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We are PROUD to offer you a FREE trial to any class* you have yet to try. Existing members, use the code SWITCH; new members, use the code NEWBIE when booking something new.
* Personal training is not part of the offer
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LGBT+ group fitness in London


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Fitness can often be intimidating, and doing a class with a group of strangers is more so! At Workout with PRIDE, our passion is to create a space for all people to feel encouraged and supported while learning how to lift and exercise correctly in a fun, inclusive environment.

A 360 approach to wellness is fundamental, and we want you to feel confident in your body which is reflected in our motto, “Feeling strong comes in all shapes and sizes!”

We look forward to meeting you soon.


Together we're stronger. We champion each other, constantly supporting and encouraging.
We consistently look to learn and grow by being present and open to differences of opinion.
We listen, learn and are mindful of how our behaviour can impact others.
We lift each other, promoting a safe space in all environments.
LGBT+ group fitness in London

Our classes

Our LGBT+ group fitness classes in London offer strength and conditioning, functional training and HIIT, and yes, our workouts are hard, but only as hard as you want them to be. And after a class, you're invited to join our optional post-workout social.


After our LGBT+ group fitness class, you are welcome to join in the social aspect where we descend on a local restaurant for a bite to eat or even a rewarding drink or two… you’ve burnt those calories after all.

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