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Meet the team


FOUNDER, Class instructor & Personal Trainer
Hey, I’m Mark, a 40+ fitness fanatic and founder of Workout with PRIDE. I am a fitness veteran with over 10+ years in the fitness industry. I started Workout with PRIDE after reading the book, The Velvet Rage, which covered topics such as mental well-being, depression and living an authentic lifestyle. At the same time, many of my lifelong friends were leaving London. I found meeting new friends difficult. Everyone seemed hooked on social media, which presented new issues for people craving a social connection. If I wanted a new friendship group, I’d have to make one myself. And so, Workout with PRIDE was born. My mission was simple, get people together, get them talking, teach them the fitness fundamentals and how to lift weights correctly without fear of being ridiculed and by doing so, help the queer community feel good in their bodies. Workout with PRIDE provides a safe, inclusive environment for queer people and allies who want to feel good in their bodies by celebrating all shapes, sizes, and strengths through the different stages of our lives. We host a post-workout social and have a calendar filled with events such as trips abroad, theatre, hikes, etc... These are extremely important as they help to further cement friendships which is what we are all about.

What to expect from a class with Mark

Sass, support, sweat and tons of encouragement.
Mark brings a tough, hard-working, and result-driven focus and balances this perfectly with a warm, supportive, and motivating (sassy) style. He ensures you hit all your targets and learn the fundamental do’s and don’ts of exercise and fitness.

What’s on Mark’s playlist

Expect to hear everything from Motown, fierce female rappers from the 90s to today, with some pop classics for good measure!


Class instructor & Coach
Hi, my name is Ty. I am a coach with Workout with PRIDE.
I’ve been into fitness from a very young age, from gymnastics to cheerleading. I’ve always had a flare for fitness and well-being. I first joined Workout with PRIDE as a member, which was daunting, but after the initial sessions, all that fear disappeared. The members were friendly, welcoming, and supportive. I loved the Workout with PRIDE values and the environment they created, so much so that I became a coach.
I’ve always believed that fitness is a valuable vehicle that drives body positivity, supports mental well-being, and brings communities together.

What to expect from a class with Ty

Playfulness and plyometric, expect a burpee pyramid of some sort just for fun 😂.

What’s on Ty’s playlist

Some classic house and garage, pop and today’s top ten!


My name is Phillipe Taylor. I am a midwest boy from Toledo, OH. I have spent most of my adult life being an advocate for the LGBTQ community and also for fitness and people becoming their personal best. I have found great joy before leaving Toledo to move to London coaching and training high school students in dance and fitness. Once I moved to London, I decided to get certified to continue that. I learned about Work OUT with Pride from being a part of Impulse London and really enjoyed the values it had around fitness and community. I hope to continue to help the queer community obtain fitness goals and train hard to be the best they can be.

What to expect from a class with Phillipe

All the workouts I do are going to focus on technique and giving you the tools to feel confident in any workout atmosphere. All exercises are set so that you can push yourself at your own level while sweating and meeting some new people.

What’s on Phillipe’s playlist

I love a good pop playlist with some new hot tracks and mixes to motivate you through your workout with me.